7 Day Detox Program

Updated on May 15, 2008

Our Detox programs run from May until the end of October.

This program has been specifically designed to detox your body over a period of 7 days.
By using specially formulated herbal teas and natural fruit and vegetable juices with yoga, chi kung exercises and a colon cleanse (enema) will over a 7 day period help your body to cleanse itself of accumulated built up toxins whilst at the same time allow your body to absorb all the natural antioxidants that are in the natural juices that you consume during the program.

An important part of this program is the natural but gentle exercise and meditation sessions that we have introduced to this program.
Our day starts at 7.30am with a short 10 minute relaxing meditation session. This is followed by a 1 hour exercise session of chi kung or yoga. The yoga and chi kung sessions are alternated each day so as to give you the optimum balance of exercise over the seven day period.

After the morning exercise session on the first day you will consume just water and our special detox tea. This will be done until 12 noon on the second day, this will help to release any food and faecal matter that may still be in your digestive system we also recommend an enema on this day to completely clean your colon, you will then start on the juice fast program which will consist of fruit juice in the morning and vegetable juice and herbal teas throughout the day followed by a vegetable broth in the evening. At 7pm there is another exercise session of either yoga or chi kung followed by a short meditation.

From day 4 steamed fruit is added to your diet plan in the morning and from day 5 steamed fruit and a lunchtime salad is also added to the plan. On day 6 light meals are introduced to the plan and you will be shown cooking techniques that retain the natural goodness of these foods.
During your stay there will be seminars and discussions on such topics as food energies, Chinese five elements, acupressure for common ailments and relaxation techniques.

The 7 day detox program works by fasting for 24hrs on water and special herbal detox teas. The next 24hrs of the program is then water plus juice fasting to cleanse the alimentary canal and liver. After which a special diet is introduced.

7 Day Detox Program
SaturdayArriveWater and herbal tea.
Sunday12pmWater, juice and herbal teas. 5pm juice.
Monday8amWater, juice and herbal teas all day. Evening broth.
Tuesday8amWater, juice and herbal teas all day. Evening broth.
Wednesday8amWater, steamed fruit + juice and herbal teas all day. Evening broth.
Thursday8amWater, steamed fruit + salad. Evening soup.
Friday8amWater, steamed fruit + steamed vegetables cooked by yourself with instruction.

Availability ......

Updated on May 23, 2008

All detox programmes are for 1 week (arrive Saturday and depart the following Saturday)

  • 28 June to 5 July
  • 5 July to 12 July
  • 12 July to 19 July
  • 19 July to 26 July
  • 9 August to 16 August
  • 16 August to 23 August
  • 30 August to 6 September
  • 6 September to 13 September
  • 13 September to 20 September
  • 4 October to 11 October
  • 11 October to 18 October

Complimentary Therapies

Updated on May 23, 2008

Complimentary therapies like massage, shiatsu and Traditional Chinese medicine are included in the price of the program but extra treatments are available at the normal practitioner rates. We are here for your comfort and needs, our practitioners are qualified professionals who have many years of experience, and all our practitioners are registered with their relevant governing bodies.

We offer you peace and tranquility within this beautiful setting, you may just wish to spend your time at the centre relaxing, but for those who like to be more adventurous, the city is just a taxi drive away and there are many local beautiful locations to visit. The Algarve is noted for its golf courses and the coast offers excellent fishing and sailing.

At the end of your detox programme you will be presented with your own personalised nutrional programme to take home with you, along with a complimentary meditation C.D